The Best Story I’ve Heard Today with sports media scholar Dr. Lauren Smith

Maybe you noticed that the NCAA women's basketball tournament came down to a last-second shot this weekend. Maybe you noticed the WNIT wrapped up with two scrappy teams who made great late-season runs. Maybe you noticed those highly entertaining storylines and the games that went with them. Likely as not, these and plenty of other compelling women's sporting events have escaped your notice. Outside of the Olympics, Indiana University's  Dr. Lauren Smith tells us, that's a sadly common refrain. We talked about why, how to fix it and just exactly what UConn basketball has ruined. (Nothing, as it turns out.)

Here's the article that gets our conversation rolling today.

Smith is also a writer on 110percentblog and she is a regular contributor here. She's joined us to talk about what's going on at Michigan State post-Larry Nassar and about Olympic athletes donating their brains to CTE research and about the world's oldest message in a bottle.

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