The Best Story I’ve Heard Today, with news editor Dominick Jean

"The Troubles" in the United Kingdom are a thing of the past. But the Good Friday Agreement, a 1998 signed understanding that impacted the relationships and institutions between Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom, is right now in a precarious position because of Brexit. Indiana Daily Student news editor Dominick Jean tells us this land border situation and the many cultural and commercial aspects of the arrangment were largely overlooked when it came time to determine the UK's EU fate. Now, they're trying to address the many issues at play.

We don't solve the problems here, but we do discuss some of the high points brought up in these stories from America Magazine and The New Yorker, which Jean, who just returned from a trip to Ireland, recommends in full. 

Check out more of Jean's work right here.

Previously on the program he's told us about a new papal advisory panel, the coming Day Zero in South Africa's historic drought and gerrymandered congressional districts.

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