The Best Story I’ve Heard Today with Ken Booth

Do you ever hear or read outlandish stories or ridiculous attempts to explain things and wonder "Where did this conspiracy theory come from anyway?" Today we talked about a story that helps you test those Elvis-is-an-alien, Bermuda Triangle, Bigfoot-has-been-on-the-moon theories. An old friend and former boss, Ken Booth, who is the co-founder of the excellent and joined the show to help us make sense of those things that, sometimes don't seem to make any sense at all. (Unless they do. Or unless that's what they would have us believe.)

Check out Booth's Twitter, which is a feed that always offers great reads. And visit his website. You'll also want to check out the work sites, like for historic photos and top quality prints and which offers truly terrific poster prints. (I have several. He didn't ask me to say that.)

Follow the show on Twitter, @BestStoryShow. And when you're done with this one, check out more episodes. You can also subscribe on Google Play or Stitcher


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