The Best Story I’ve Heard Today with University of Texas journalism professor Robert Quigley

March 29, 2018

We might now be very close to looking at a shift in transportation, says journalism professor and deep innovation thinker Robert Quigley. And, he says, it is coming on us fast. Some people might think about buggy whip makers, though perhaps the better analogy is one pointed out in The Atlantic's story, perhaps the coming autonomous car fleets will be more like Craigslist and classified ads.

Alphabet is about to pick up a lot of self-driving Jaguars and you might be riding in one as soon as 2020. Change might be coming upon us fast. 

Quiqley returns to the program to talk about how the model might work, what that could mean for city infrastructure and we start thinking about the possibilities of unintended consequences. We could do an entire show on that. Maybe we should. 

Previously on this show, Robert Quigley has shared with us an interesting Washington Post profile on HUD boss Ben Carson. Be sure to check out more of his work at UT Media Innovation

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The Best Story I’ve Heard Today with NBC affiliate correspondent, Chris Pollone

January 30, 2018

It is infrastructure, and it is sexy. Chris Pollone says this technology is going to be a game changer. Everything will be different with the coming rollout of 5G. Chris is sharing with us a National Geographic story that dives into the subject and mixes that in with some of his own experiences reporting on the tech industry to give us a lot of examples about what we can come to expect.  

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