“How are you?” Finding Good News in the Time of Covid-19

A brief monologue of stories that might have escaped your attention. These are some of the bits of good news, stories of kindness and generosity and community support, the sort of stories we could all stand to hear a little more.

What new good stories should we include in our next episode?

Links discussed today:

Cinema Worker Solidarity Fund

Parkview Health community masks

Messages in windows for kids

Bauer Hockey making face shields

Lebron James Family Foundation taco Tuesdays

Taking food to students

Visiting mom in a bucket truck

Matthew Stafford and Drew Brees deliver big

NYU med students going to work early

Valuable t-shirts in Indianapolis

Student teacher tic-tac-toe through the window

Upcycling medical supplies in Florida

Jimmy Carter Center: Use your money elsewhere

Man serenades his parents

New machines sterilize surgical masks

That really touching one at the end

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